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Wonder Wings

I’m working in Minneapolis for several days and was out in the burbs when I stumbled on a very popular local restaurant I could smell a block away. 

The wood burning rotisserie chicken oven  in the open lobby was all I needed to see. The host said they only use Minnesota oak. 

Even the chicken wings were rapidly spinning in their own individually-sized steel box. No menu needed, thank you. 

Outstanding buffalo sauce. I tried getting the waiter to spill the beans on the ingredients but no dice. I did taste some brown sugar. 

Doolittles Woodfire Grill, 2140 Cliff Rd, Eagan, MN 55122

Repeat Performance

My lovely sister invited me back to her backyard for a follow up to last week’s Easter BBQ chow down. 

No lamb on the PSISTADIA this time but this meal was just as enjoyable. Loin lamb chops prepped and cooked by my brother in law Dennis, a master grill man. 

Simply made pork souvlakia with only red onion and lemon juice with the pita bread warmed up over the coals for 2 minutes first.

My mothers outrageous Ntomates Yemista. That’s ground beef and rice stuffed tomatoes and peppers to you.

Sick Carne

What a gem of a taco joint tucked away and almost hidden in Chicago’s Tri-Taylor neighborhood on the near SW side. 

Simply outstanding carne asada that they obviously marinated in some heavenly concoction..still trying to figure out what it included but until I do I’ll be back.

Jarabe Mexican Street Food. 2255 W Taylor St, Chicago

Carne asada burrito with red onion and chihuahua cheese.

Happy Paska!!

We celebrated Easter yesterday in the only way our family knows, with enough traditional great cooking and family togetherness worthy of the huge Greek holiday. 

Lamb on the PSISTADIA (spit)!


Before the troops attack:

Greek Patates:

Cook the Plank

Had the folks and my sister’s family over for a big dinner Saturday night.

It was kind of last minute after I found myself driving through Sheboygan last week and went a little nuts at Meisfeldt butcher shop. “When in Rome..” Or in this case, east central Wisconsin brat country. 

I bought too much to eat alone and instead of freezing it I thought it would be a good excuse to socialize. 

A trunk full of goodies. Meisfeldt brand local brats, including regular and jalapeño cheddar.


I used a wonderful cedar plank over the grill to add a mouth watering smoky flavor to the center cut chops, NY strip steaks and quite possibly the silent fan favorite-wild caught sockeye salmon.




Rosemary Skillet Chicken

Friends Rachel and Brad cooked this lovely Rosemary-infused chicken dish in a stovetop skillet. 

New research out of Italy suggests Rosemary may be the key to locals living longer, disease-free lives.

No better way to include it in your diet than adding it as a delicious spice to any type of chicken dish. 


Jamaica on the Brain

Love these guys. Every time JERK Modern Jamaican Grill’s black food truck pulls up near work, I have to hit it. What a treat. I almost always get their “Rude Girl”hot spice on the side. Blazin’ authentic spicy flavor that takes me back to the island. 

Jerk chicken with their jerk fries. Hush puppy on top and a slice of hard dough bread buried on the bottom that I’ll eat with the second half of the jerk. Jamaica’s own Ting.



Sensational Skillet

There aren’t nearly as many Greek-run coffee shop diners as there used to be back in the day, but the ones that are left and still run by the immigrants or their children who took them over, always have great breakfasts and a bottomless cup of joe. 

You won’t find a better skillet than at S&G (Sam & George) on Lincoln Ave in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Today it was the Spartan, with sautéed onions, tomatoes, hash browns and feta. The over easy eggs on top were perfectly made. 

Mouth watering:


My Last Supper

I worked my tail off in Hawaii (I know, boo-hoo), but my last meal on the Big Island may have been the best of my 72 hours in-state. 

The pecan crusted Mahi Mahi was a combination of super fresh, light and lemony butter over a bed of white steamed rice and Bok Choy.  The delicate delight was a creation of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott. 


Amazin’ Marlin

One of the best parts of my job is traveling to amazing places. And what’s just as amazing are the striped Marlin fish tacos I had last night at Duke’s Bar and restaurant on Waikiki Beach. 

I squeezed a mini lime wedge all over it and it tasted like an old man had just pulled it out of the ocean that was just 50 feet away from where I was sitting. 



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