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Happy Paska!!

We celebrated Easter yesterday in the only way our family knows, with enough traditional great cooking and family togetherness worthy of the huge Greek holiday. 

Lamb on the PSISTADIA (spit)!


Before the troops attack:

Greek Patates:


  1. Hallo, Hendrik,wie funktioniert das eigentlich mit den Userkommentaren? Erstes Posting geht sofort lesbar für alle raus, jedes weitere Posting erhält den “Eingangsstempel” “Dein Kommentar muss noch moderiert werden.”? Hab das System noch nicht verstanden. Jeder nur 1 Schuss? Ist es deshalb so still hier?

  2. 10-28-12calin spune: buna am si eu o problema cu munitoruil am win7 proffesional si mi se stinge munitorul la unele jocuri wow mt2???care e problema???si cand se stinge scrie ac olo power saving mode dar unitatea merge si munitorul nu mai merge:((!!!sper sa ma ajutati -3V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

  3. Wow, Dan! I thought about those glasses many times since the day we were out on your boat and wondered if you ever went back to look for them. I never thought about mud! What an adventure, and I’m glad you got out of it OK. Sorry you didn’t find the glasses.

  4. Yeah, this should get front page coverage. Blumenthal-esque.Money quote, from some dude from Miami: “Jersusalem was returned to its rightful owners. … There is still a lot left to go. But we are working on it.”

  5. Hilarious! That bitch is crazy! Another thing her crazy fans love to do is defend her bad behavior by saying, “the other women do it too” lol! Sorry the other women aren’t as crazy as T. Not even close.

  6. The bees are doing great. I’m going to inspect the hive tomorrow. I know the queen is laying eggs, so by now they should be storing pollen and honey as well. I have seen them out working!

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