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It’s Yummy Dummy

The food truck scene continues to be one of the nicest culinary experiences Chicago has to offer, especially for those who work downtown. 

I got to experience Yum Dum food truck’s  offerings this week and it was just as good as I had heard. 

I tried several truck specialities, including the chicken and pork steamed dumplings, the Korean chili chicken baowich and crispy shrimp baowich, and the best of them all, the Kimcheesy rice ball. I’d search this truck out just for the rice balls. 


LOVE the Kimcheesy Rice Balls.  

Cheddar jack cheese, house kimchi, jalapenos and scallions topped with jalapeno sriracha mayo and cilantro.


  1. Havayolu ile özellikle uluslararası seyahat edecek yolcular için vazgeçilmez noktalardan bir tanesi, hiç şüphesiz, havalimanlarında duty free yani gümrüksüz satış yapan mağazalar olmaktadır.

  2. Jul08 I completely agree with everything I just read in your post. No, you are not being overprotective. Yes, you need to know the parents. These are our kids. This is the most important thing we will ever do. It’s not ok to let things slide and hope for the best. The stakes are too high.

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