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Ryan’s Express

Ryan’s traveling in Phoenix and stopped at this tasty little shack for some chicken tacos he said were great. As you can tell he’s a fiend for good guacamole. 


Pi Hi

I heard enough good things about, and had passed this place enough times to give it a try. My only regret is that I didn’t go in sooner. Wood fired pizza and mouth watering shawarmas and paninis made by a couple of young co-owners. I love supporting local business owners who put their hearts and backs into making great food. And the guys couldn’t be nicer. 

Veggie Pi

Chicken shawarma. I was a bit over-zealous with the first bite and ripped it apart a bit. 


Shrimp BillyLeeMaNo

One of my favorite of all my mother’s recipes. Our take on a Greek classic that’s nowhere near as difficult to make as it looks. Every time I make it I pretend I’m sitting at a cafe in the Limani (bay) of a breezy Greek island, even if it’s raining golf-ball sized hail in Chicago in March. 

Shrimp covered in Panko bread crumbs, halved grape tomatoes, crumbled feta, minced garlic, olive oil, a few splashes of sherry, salt and pepper. Broil for 15 minutes on high. Much longer and your shrimp get tough. 


Anniversary pasta

The Lil’ lady and I took in her favorite food group for our special night at Balena in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. The restaurant has been around for several years but still packs them in for good reason. 

The Orecchietta, lemon, bread crumbs, chili offering was heavenly. If you want to feel like you’re indulging yourself in some sinful flavors while taking solace in tempering it with kale, then this is your dish. 


Triple meat

Contributing Ken was in Kansas City this weekend and did it up. Pulled pork, baby back ribs and burnt ends at Woodyard. “Some of the best burnt ends i ever had.” 


Turkey and pancakes

Contributing cuz Chris is building a new tradition in L.A.  This may very well have it all over chicken and waffles.  

Grilled chicken club with applewood bacon, cheddar, garlic aioli and avocado at Kitchen24 in West Hollywood. 

Turkey burger with mozzarella, arugula , garlic aioli, tomato on a perfectly toasted brioche.

Chocolate chunk pancakes. Whipped cream. Caramel. Syrup. 

Oh daddy. 


Pizza galore

It’s been family reunion week at my folk’s place. Aunts and uncles from AZ, NY, and even Switzerland staying with them. A tasty and hassle-free way to keep all the troops happy was to let Villa Rosa in Edgebrook take care of dinner last night.  They never disappoint.


The sausage/onion/mushroom was the first to disappear: 

Followed by the pepperoni:



With my uncle and avid Hawks fan Denis visiting this week, it’s a half lb pub buger w/ serious steak fries near the UC at Aberdeen Pub.  I heard great things about their food and it was all true. 

He loved the metra trains whizzing by the front door almost as much as the food. “A true Chicago experience.” Too bad the Hawks lost.

 Pretzel bun:


Medium rare:


Sisses’ Steak

Every time I go to my sister Eve’s for dinner, I feel like royalty. It usually starts with Costco’s finest strips, cooked to medium rare perfection by Nick on the grill outside, whether it’s sunny and 80 in July, or a late winter evening in February. 

Enough steak for a table of 15 siblings and cousins:


For those who didn’t want to eat meat: 


Augratin spuds made with imported Swiss gruyere:

Side shrooms:



So L.A.

As contributing cuz in L.A. puts it, “a simple LA morning breakfast- fage, shaved walnuts and organic honey.”

We both agree that for true and authentic Greek yoghurt, with its proteins and live bacterial cultures that have helped create the yoghurt explosion in the U.S., there’s only one option, Fage. 


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